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Joe Saxton

Joe Saxton is an ambitious, compassionate, and client-focused law professional who currently serves as an Attorney at the Conflict Resolution Center. As a dedicated and experienced legal expert, Joe maintains a deep understanding and extensive expertise in the areas of Family Law, DUI, Business Law, Landlord-Tenant litigation, and Regulatory Compliance for multi-family utility billing.

With a wealth of experience in business, Joe has held several high-ranking positions before becoming an attorney, including Controller with Wasatch Acquisitions, and Vice President of Administration at the Wasatch Group, a real estate/venture firm. During his time at Wasatch, Joe was instrumental in the acquisition of Major League Soccer team Real Salt Lake and the Broadway Media (formerly Simmons Radio Group). Joe also spent several years focusing on multi-family utility billing compliance as a Contract Manager/Law Clerk with Conservice.  

Today, Joe demonstrates the level of professionalism, poise, and methodical decision making that his clients expect of him as an attorney. Joe works to establish trusting and kindhearted relationships with his clients. By connecting with his clients on a deeper level than most attorneys, Joe provides them with the personalized legal counsel on which they can depend. His steadfast dedication towards his clients is what defines him as an attorney.

Every day, his business acumen allows him to provide his clients with sound legal counsel and representation across all of their needs. With an ability to make informed legal decisions on behalf of his clients under intense pressure and within stressful situations, Joe has established himself as an up and coming attorney in the field.

Furthermore, Joe’s academic background in accounting, business administration, and management has helped him to develop a strong foundation upon which he went on to build his current legal approach. As a highly organized and trustworthy attorney, Joe demonstrates the utmost level of integrity in everything that he does. Whether in a team setting with his fellow attorneys at the Conflict Resolution Center, representing clients in the courtroom or in cultivating trusted relationships with diverse stakeholders, Joe consistently exhibits the attitude and mindset of a true legal professional.

A Professional

Joe Saxton

Constant focus on guaranteeing the best interests of my clients is at the forefront of what I do.

Prior to becoming an attorney, I worked in venture capital where I learned the importance of being a person of your word, and the value of the law in resolving disputes between parties. I bring my unique background to each and every case. It is this combination of background and experience that makes all the difference in the world. I relish the opportunity to resolve my clients’ cases with full force. Knowing that I stand beside them in a courtroom gives my clients confidence, they know they are not alone and we are both there for justice.  



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